Internet Marketing For MLM – Avoid The Top 3 Business-Killing Mistakes

Internet marketing for MLM businesses is the way you can take your business from slow growing (or totally stagnant) all the way to a highly profitable massive organization. Too many network marketers who are new to doing Internet marketing for MLM business, though, make some critical errors that can put them out of business instead of growing their business.

In this article, I will reveal the top 3 biggest business-killing mistakes you want to avoid when you start to do Internet marketing for your MLM business.

1. Doing It Your Company’s Way: Perhaps the biggest trap that network marketers who are new to Internet marketing for their MLM fall into, is taking direction from their company on how to do it. Why? Because they are virtually always steered toward using a company replicated website. This is a major mistake.

Two of the first lessons to be learned about Internet marketing for your MLM, is that you want to position yourself (and not your company or your upline) as an expert in your niche and that you want to lead with the product (and not the opportunity). Both of these are directly opposed to what a company replicated website does.

You don’t want to start out with a bad foundation to your Internet marketing plan. So you want to steer clear of using company replicated websites when you start doing Internet marketing for your MLM business. Create your own squeeze page that positions yourself as an expert who has a solution to problem people have, and you will be laying a much stronger foundation.

2. Too Much Too Fast: Another major mistake that people make when first starting to do Internet marketing for their MLM business, is to want to “jump in with both feet” and immediately start using multiple forms of traffic. While ultimately I absolutely recommend using multiple forms of traffic to get leads, in the beginning this is not the best strategy.

Say you start right out of the gate trying to do PPC, article marketing, banner advertisements and video marketing – but you really don’t know how to do any of them all that well. What happens is that none of them will produce very good results for you – and will likely end up costing you money that will not create profits for you. Internet marketing for your MLM business is all about generating lots of targeted leads (i.e., people who are likely buyers).

Remember that your ultimate goal in doing Internet marketing for your MLM is to put your message in front of people who are already looking for the solution or benefit you are offering. To be able to do this, you need to really understand how different traffic sources work. So instead of trying to do every conceivable type of traffic, your best strategy is to start with one form of traffic and use only that until you have mastered it and are seeing results with it. Once that happens, then expand and add another form of traffic.

3. Putting Yourself Out Of Business Before You Are Really In Business: The third major mistake that people make who are new to Internet marketing for their MLM business, is to spend too much money on their marketing budget at the beginning. This results in an unfortunate number of network marketers spending themselves right out of business.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am all about – and in fact would strongly encourage – you investing as much as you can into your business (and re-investing any initial profits right back into your business), but you need to spend your marketing budget wisely. So don’t put a lot of money into things that you don’t yet feel that you know how to use competently yet. For example, don’t buy the $10 leads right out of the gate and before you have honed your phone skills, or don’t bid super-high on PPC until you know how to dial in your advertisements and your conversion rates. As your skill set improves, so should your marketing budget.

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